We’re The Experts in Seasonal

If you’re like us, you love being outdoors for all four seasons. Here at Earlton TIMBER MART, we stock all of your year-round outdoor needs for seasonal activities. Whether you’re going camping or relaxing in the backyard, we have what you need to enjoy the great outdoors. We also carry a variety of seasonal items for everything from lawn care and pool maintenance to pest control, hunting and fishing supplies. See our friendly staff in-store for details.

Couple in camping chairs around gas powered grill

Camping Supplies

Enjoy the great outdoors year-round with the highest quality camping gear from the brands you know and love. We have everything you need for a quality camping experience in any weather condition for beginners to camping experts. Find the perfect tent, innovative cooking equipment and camping accessories for you.

Hunting and Fishing Supplies

Let Earlton TIMBER MART provide all of your hunting and fishing supplies for land and sea. We carry both Berkley and Rapala fishing brands for tackle, rods, lures, and more. See us in-store for our wide variety of hunting ammunition.

Pool & Spa Supplies

Maintain a healthy swimming environment and keep your pool and spa sparkling clean with Clearwater and JED Pool Tools. We have the pool tools you need to maintain the water’s pH levels, remove debris, promote pool safety, and more. Talk to our pool and spa experts about chlorine, filter accessories and pool vacuums, so you can spend more time swimming and relaxing.

Lawn and Garden

Prepare, grow and maintain your Earlton garden oasis with Miracle-Gro, Scotts, C-I-L and GreenEarth. We have a wide range of lawn and plant care products that will help your garden flourish. As your local TIMBER MART garden experts, we can help you with all your garden needs, from lawn and plant food to choosing the right soil and grass seeds. Your front yard will be the talk of the town.

Insect and Pest Control

Rid your home and garden of insects and pests, and help prevent future frustration with leading insect and pest control brands: Konk, Raid, Scotts, Off!, Victor and GreenEarth. We have the right protection to help keep your outdoor fun from being interrupted by mosquitoes, ticks & other biting insects. We also have a variety of products to help deal with your bug and rodent problems, including aerosols, detectors, bug barriers, foggers, baits and gels. Earlton TIMBER MART equips you with the tools you need to help protect you from insects and pests, so you can continue to live in comfort year-round.